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No nuclear industry
Exclude companies that are harmful to the climate
No tobacco industry
No arms industry
Pension provision is about your future - and so is sustainability. For a happy and carefree life after work, you will need financial security as well as clean air and an intact environment. We are convinced right from the start that retirement provision must be sustainable. And there is currently a lot to do in this area, because pension funds are one of the largest private financial resources in the economy. So it may well be that your investments will also be used to finance climate-damaging coal-fired power stations, the armaments industry or companies for which child labour is part of everyday life - or not. Vantik clearly says no to investments in:

Sustainable today - and tomorrow

No matter what your plans for your future self are, financial security alone is not enough; you also need a world whose environment and society are healthy. According to a recent study, 48% already consider the topic of sustainability to be important in their retirement planning (the complete study can be downloaded here). With Vantik, you're making a long-term investment in your financial freedom and in a sustainable future - which is good for you, your family and everyone else.

Saving according to your values

As a general rule, the more people participate, the more financial flows flow in the right direction. Vantik pursues this goal with a simple but effective investment strategy that strictly adheres to the strict guidelines of the ESG criteria (Environmental = Environment, Social = Society, Governance = Good Corporate Governance) - so that your savings can also make an important contribution to the future of our planet. You can read more about Vantik's sustainable investment strategy here.

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