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Vantik is safeguarding your money!

Investing your money profitably for your future and protecting it from losses at the same time - that’s the Vantik approach. Our goal is to secure your savings using two layers: a long-term diversified investment approach in the Vanik fund and through our security buffer.

Your depot is secure with our partner DAB BNP Paribas - one of the largest banks in Europe. It is well protected from third-party access.

You always remain in control of your savings. Neither Vantik nor the depot bank can access it at any time.

Whatever happens to Vantik or our partners: your savings are in your name and you maintain possession of all your funds at all times.

The security buffer

The Vantik safety buffer is designed to protect your saved contributions against losses when you retire. Although this is not an absolute guarantee, it will significantly reduce the risk of losing money on retirement.
, you can expect the value of your money to increase significantly. You can then have your savings plus all winnings paid out as a lump sum or as a monthly pension.

Unfortunately, however, it cannot be ruled out that an economic crisis will occur exactly when you retire. Perhaps you can still remember the financial crisis of 2008. In this case the safety buffer should at least protect your contributions.

How does that work exactly? Over the years, you and all other Vantik customers have diligently paid into the safety buffer. The majority of our customers will retire without having to claim any payment from the safety buffer, as their investment has developed positively. For the few customers who retire during an economic crisis (i.e. the value of their investment is less than the amount they have paid in), the payments into the safety buffer are now available from all customers. The safety buffer can now be paid from this pot. Since not all customers retire at the same time and a positive economic development can normally be expected in the long term, this system works in almost all cases. However, it is not an insurance policy, so we cannot guarantee this. Otherwise the protection would also be much more expensive. Because of the lower costs you will have more for your pension later.

What does this mean for me and my Vantikbuch?

Retire with deposits and winnings - Expected scenario
Let's assume that you have saved €10,000 on Vantik over time. Usually, our fund has grown considerably more, for example 20.000€. This means you are now retiring. You can either pay out your money as a one-time payment or have it transferred to your account in monthly payments.

Retire with deposits - negative scenario
Let us now assume that at the time of your retirement an economic crisis is raging. You have paid a total of €10,000 into Vantik, but a recession has caused the value of your contributions to drop and they are now only worth €6,000. With most other funds without a safety buffer, you would probably have to accept that. With Vantik, the safety buffer means you are likely to get at least your €10,000 back.

Important to know about your savings before you retire
Your Vantik account works like a normal bank account in many aspects but there’s an important difference that you as a saver should understand before making deposits. When you put money in your Vantik account your balance will start fluctuating on a daily basis. It can decrease as well as increase. Historically this movement has been an upwards trend, and this what makes long term profit possible.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly does the safety buffer protect?

The security buffer was developed in a way, that even if you retire during a financial crisis you should receive at least what you paid in.

What are the costs of the security buffer?

All our customers* pay with every deposit to the Vantik account a one-time contribution to the security buffer of 1% of the deposited amount. This means that if you deposit €100, €1 of that will go into the safety buffer. This buffer is only used to protect the assets of our customers - Vantik earns nothing from this.

Who is handling the security buffer?

The safety buffer is stored and managed by the Vantik Foundation, which was established for this purpose. This ensures that the safety buffer exists independently from Vantik GmbH and that all applications for payouts are neutrally checked. You can find more information here.

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