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September 29, 2020

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Vantik has been founded with values such as security and transparency in mind. The security buffer, which is an essential part of our offer, secures your payments at the beginning of your pension. As a customer, you should always be able to keep an overview and not worry about whether your money is safe with us. To live up to this promise even more, we have pulled out all the stops and created the Vantik Foundation, which will manage the safety buffer in the future.

What are the tasks of the Vantik Foundation?

The main task of the Vantik Foundation is to manage your security buffer. By the independent and thus outside of Vantik Ltd. existing administration is guaranteed that your claims continue to exist independently of Vantik Ltd. 

The Vantik Foundation also ensures that your entitlements to payments from the safety buffer are subject to a neutral audit. In this way, we ensure that it is checked fairly and independently of entrepreneurial factors whether and how much money you are entitled to from the safety buffer and that the payment runs smoothly.

Who runs the foundation?

There is an operational management for the daily business, which is represented by a board of directors consisting of a member of the Vantik management.

This board examines applications for payments from the safety buffer, ensures that all payments are made smoothly and manages the assets in the safety buffer. The Board is strictly bound by the statutes of the Vantik Foundation. 

In addition to the Board of Directors, there is also a 4-member Board of Trustees, which has the task of monitoring the work of the Board of Directors and ensuring that the purpose of the Foundation is fulfilled. Besides Vantik founder Til Klein, we were able to win Prof. Klaus Hurrelmann as a member for the board of trustees. Since the Vantik Foundation is primarily intended for our customers, it is very important to us that two representatives of our customers are also on the board of trustees. The other two seats are reserved for you.

Be a part of the Vantik Foundation!

We believe that inclusivity is the key to more transparency. Therefore, we would like to invite you to become part of the board of trustees yourself and help us shape the future of retirement provision.

How does it work? It's simple. Just join the Vantik Community group on Facebook and reply to our current post with the question "What role does the safety buffer play for you and what do you expect from the Vantik Foundation? We will personally contact those commentators with the most interesting answers and thus make the shortlist. 

Here you can find the foundation charter, which explains exactly how the Vantik Foundation works.

Become a part of the Vantik Foundation and help us shape tomorrow's retirement planning.

Your Vantik Team 

Kadir Yilmaz
As Head of Marketing, Kadir is responsible for making Vantik a household name for as many people as possible. With Vantik, he wants to make the topic of old-age provision an everyday matter.

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