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What do we know about retirement savings in Germany? For starters, the German statutory pension is not sufficient. Ensuring financial independence in old age is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge for the pension system, and we require a new and contemporary solution. Ready for the good news? The Vantikcard offers simplicity, security, and transparency and puts your pension planning directly into your hands.
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The new Vantik Foundation - The pioneering innovation
Vantik has been founded with values such as security and transparency in mind. The security buffer, which is an essential part of our offer, secures your payments at the beginning of your pension. As a customer, you should always be able to keep an overview and not worry about whether your money is safe with us. To live up to this promise even more, we have pulled out all the stops and created the Vantik Foundation, which will manage the safety buffer in the future.
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How to: Identify the best pension plan for myself
You are most likely aware that private pension plan is not only useful for the self-employed people. The question as to when the retirement provision should start is relatively easy to answer: Preferably as early as possible - maybe even today. How much money you should invest privately in your old-age provision depends on various factors and above all on whether you pay into the statutory pension insurance or not. And then, of course, there is the question of what kind of old-age provision options are available. Whether Rürup pension or Riester pension, unit-linked pension insurance or company pension scheme: what is hidden behind these dust-dry terms, which fill pages of incomprehensible contracts, we will tell you here. After all, the most important goal of your private provision should be to ensure that your lifelong pension is secured in such a way that it can actually cover your financial needs after your work is done. So take 5 minutes, read our article and then decide which is the best private pension plan for you.
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How much you should save for your retirement
It makes sense to start as early as possible with your private pension plan. However, this does not answer the question of how much money you will need to enjoy your retirement to the full (or on the Orient-Express ;) and above all to maintain your accustomed standard of living. The answer looks quite simple at first: Your monthly pension (i.e. everything together - from the statutory pension to the company pension scheme and savings) should be 80% of your last monthly income (net) before retirement. From then on, things get a bit mathematical, but not so complex that you have to be a math genius. We will explain how it all works.
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Legal notice: Vantik is an investment. Investments are associated with risks. The value of your investments can fall or rise daily. The longer you invest, the lower the risk of losses. The safety buffer provides you with additional protection against losses at the beginning of your pension. Nevertheless, you must always be aware that you could possibly make a loss on an investment. You can find more information on this in our investor and advance information.