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Our board of trustees stands!
After we announced that we wanted to set up a foundation in the course of more security and transparency, it was clear to us that this foundation also needed a board of trustees. This board of trustees serves as an independent controlling body and in our opinion it also needs independent people. In addition to Til Klein, founder of Vantik, and Prof. Klaus Hurrelmann, social, educational and health scientist, we have recruited two other members who come directly from Vantik's client base. In this article we would like to introduce them to you briefly.
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Get to know the team! This time with Fabian.
Today we introduce you to Fabian Schmidt, intern at Vantik. Find out how he found his way to the start up capital and why he celebrates the Vantikcard.
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Taboo topic finances - gagging when it comes to money!
Sometimes it seems like we're all filthy rich on Instagram. There, our generation watches itself enjoying its own, not-so-little luxury every day. The exclusive Kopi-Luwak coffee stands next to the freshly polished Macbook and an Eames Chair adorns the background perfectly illuminated. These pictures say "Look here! Look and be amazed what I can afford!" For some, scrolling through its feed is like showing a drowning man a photograph of oxygen.
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Meet the Vantik Team! This time with Sarah.
Today we introduce you to Sarah Fliegner, Operations Manager at Vantik. Find out what our office dog has to do with her moving into our Vantik family and what she thinks of the Vantikcard.
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Legal notice: Vantik is an investment. Investments are associated with risks. The value of your investments can fall or rise daily. The longer you invest, the lower the risk of losses. The safety buffer provides you with additional protection against losses at the beginning of your pension. Nevertheless, you must always be aware that you could possibly make a loss on an investment. You can find more information on this in our investor and advance information.